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Syntax Direct

Say goodbye to opaque, convoluted, and restrictive approaches to portfolio creation. Our Direct-to-Index Platform powers customized investment solutions at scale.


The Market

The Great Wealth Transfer is underway. Over $80+ trillion will be passed on to Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z heirs over the next 10 years.


The Challenge

The new financial consumer seeks transparency and access to a more personalized, values-based financial planning than ever before.

The Solution

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Syntax Direct is a straightforward, scalable platform that enables investment advisors to create customized, branded financial products.

Create your Custom Index in just 3 steps:


1. Select your strategy.

Start building your new index by selecting an index objective.


2. Pick your preferences.

Select additional specifications & customizations by answering 10-15 questions.


3. Download a full report.

Your new index report will include current & historical constituents, five-year backtested performance, detailed sector breakdowns, statistical analysis, and more.

Sharper investment decisions are driven by superior data.

Syntax has the most comprehensive, detailed, and accurate product line revenue data, both nominal and as a percentage, for publicly traded companies in the world.

Depth & Granularity: FIS

Syntax leverages a patented information system we call FIS® to standardize and codify every product line reported in public company income statements around the world.

The Power of Affinity

Affinity transforms FIS data into actionable insights. Group companies by any single attribute, collection of attributes, or the entire business model to analyze the role a company plays in the increasingly interconnected and complex global economy.


Deliverables & Documentation

In addition to the full index report, Syntax Direct will also generate Methodology Documents and Daily Index Files.
Methodology Document

Fully transparent 

  • No blackbox 
  • Supports compliance

Index Rules

  • Selection Criteria
  • Weighting Criteria
  • Calculation Methodology
Daily Index Files
  • Index Values
  • Closing Files
  • Opening Files
  • Corporate Action Handling
  • Change Files

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